martes, 1 de marzo de 2016

Greater glory

Autor: PELLEY, William Dudley 
"It is a human interest story, written by the wise old editor himself in his familiar, colloquial style, with a touch of humor here, and a touch of pathos there, to move the sentimental reader. Throughout, there is the warmth of human understanding of the man who has studied his fellow men intimately, for a long time, and who has drawn from that study a gentle optimism." - Boston Transcript.

"'The Greater Glory' is pure gold in the literary field, and it will endure. When an anthology of truly American novels is compiled, this is our nomination." - St. Louis Star.

"'The Greater Glory is decidedly worth reading. It has a robustness and a genial warmth that are too seldom discovered in the fiction of our age." - The Boston Post.

"A novel so compelling in its challenge, so convincing in its recital and so searching in its analysis that it stands in the first rank of the books of the year." - Boston Herald.

"He has produced one of the most readable and enjoyable stories of the year - a story of genuine human interest told with a gentle heart warming optimism and a kindly spirit of appreciation of his neighbors and spiced with appealing humor." - New Heaven Journal Courier.