viernes, 1 de abril de 2016

Communism in Germany!

Truth about the Communist Conspiracy on the Eve of the National Revolution

Autor: EHRT, Adolf 

The question of Communist propaganda and activities is of immediate importance to the American people in view of the consideration now being given to the question of recognition of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics by the Government of the United States.

Here is a challenging book. it should be read by every thoughtful citizen because it presents the history of the life and death struggle Germany has been waging against Communism. It reveals that the subversive methods and the destructive objectives of the Communists in Germany are the same as are employed in the United States by those enemies of civilized nations.

This book is not a defense of anti-Semitism nor is it a defense of principles or measures of the Hitler Government. The bitter opposition of many to some phases of the Nazi domestic program should not blind us to reality of the Communistic threats.

the value of this German exposé as an object lesson to other countries has led our committee to place it in the hands of leaders of public opinion throughout the United States.

The lessons to be gathered from this book, "Communism in Germany", should lead our citizens to demand more effective measures of defense for our system of government, and our moral and social standards.

For the American Section of the International Committee to Combat the World Menace of Communism.