lunes, 17 de marzo de 2014

Triumph of Reason

The thinking man's guide to Adolf Hitler
Autor: Walsh Michael

Adolf Hitler has undoubtedly received more publicity than any other world figure, dead or alive. His persona, that of his political colleagues, his political party; the rise and combined Capitalist/Communist destruction fall of the Third Reich, have led to the publication of - at the latest count - 120,000 different titles. Virtually all of them are the preposterous re-cycled one-sided propaganda of the victors.

This absence of objectivity is equalled only by the difficulty of discovering first-hand what the German Leader actually said or thought. It is as if we sit in a court room in which the defendant, defence counsel and defence witnesses have been excluded.

This publication provides a rare opportunity to examine the authentic first hand expressions uttered by the German leader, who won the hearts and minds of millions of Europeans.

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