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Witness to history

Autor: Walsh, Michael

For whom was Witness to History written? For anyone who has ever offered an opinion on the 2nd World War, its causes, its aftermath or for those who are likely to. Why? Because the writing of it was motivated by those who did so and got it wrong. Including myself.

There can be few historical dramas the embroidery of which comes near to matching that which has been woven about Hitler's Germany. Of this epic tens of thousands of books have been written, television and radio programs made, and films produced. Yet who can deny that the truth is even more distant today than it has ever been. So much so that very little of what is written today is other than fanciful notion.

Witness to History is not an opinion unless it is that of the main players whose part created, shaped and finally pulled the shroud over the Third Reich. Their contribution then is clearly a relevant one. It is their war, without the embroidery. It is the story of a nation that broke free from the old order, soared to heights undreamed of, but not beyond the range of the gun. It is an epic written by the men who made it so.

I am the spectator. The man who sat on the hill and watched it happen. My only contribution is to string the quotations together. I am if you like painting pictures with quotations. I am putting together a jigsaw that when completed should provide you with a picture that will allow a more balanced view of the period.

How you colour the picture in afterwards is entirely up to yourself; your prejudices, your ethics and your cultural leanings. You are welcome to them, but please, do not let us have a war about it. We have had enough of those already, more than enough.


CHAPTER 1—Formidable Transformations
CHAPTER 2—The Enemy At The Gate
CHAPTER 3—The Jews In Germany
CHAPTER 4—Hitler, The Vote Winner
CHAPTER 5—Life In Hitler’s Germany
CHAPTER 6—Former Prime Minister, Lloyd George
CHAPTER 7—The Berlin Olympics, 1936
CHAPTER 8—Peace Gets The Nelson’s Eye
CHAPTER 9—The ‘Race Nation’ Declares War On Germany
CHAPTER 10—With These 26 Soldiers of Lead—I Will Conquer the World
CHAPTER 11—But By Jingo when We Do
CHAPTER 12—The Peacemakers
CHAPTER 13—War! Poland Provides The Excuse
CHAPTER 14—Torah! Torah! Torah—Please!
CHAPTER 15—A Most Uncivilized Means Of Warfare
CHAPTER 16—The Conquerer’s Bloodlust
CHAPTER 17—Hogan’s Heroes
CHAPTER 18—A Christian Nation Crusified
CHAPTER 19—While God’s Back Was Turned
CHAPTER 20—Genocide Through Starvation
CHAPTER 21—The Vultures Descend
CHAPTER 22—To The Victors Go The Slaves
CHAPTER 23—The Emperor Has No Clothes!
CHAPTER 24—The Nuremberg ‘Trials’
CHAPTER 25—Last Letter From Herman Goering To Winston Churchill
CHAPTER 26—Hitler—The Greatest Spenglerian
CHAPTER 27—Vae Victis (Woe To The Vanquished)

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