viernes, 1 de mayo de 2015

Invisible Eagle. History of Nazi Occultism

History of Nazi Occultism
Autor: BAKER,  Alan

Introduction: search for a map of hell

1 - Ancestry, blood and nature
The Mystical Origins of National Socialism
2 - Fantastic prehistory
The Lost Aryan Homeland
3 - A hideous strength
The Vril Society
4 - The phantom kingdom
The Nazi-Tibet Connection
5 - Talisman of conquest
The Spear of Longinus
6 - Ordinary madness
Heinrich Himmler and the SS
7 - The secret at the heart of the world
Nazi Cosmology and Belief in the Hollow Earth
8 - The cloud Reich
Nazi Flying Discs
9 - Invisible Eagle
Rumours of Nazi Survival to the Present

Conclusion: the myth machine
The Reality and Fantasy of Nazi Occultism
Bibliography and suggested further reading


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