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Iron wall

Zionist revisionism from Jabotinsky to Shamir
Autor: BRENNER, Lenni

1. Jabotinsky: the Early Years
–Parents and Schooling
–Early Career
–Return to Odessa
–A Psychoanalytic Interpretation

2. Russian Zionism: Treason to the Jews
–Russia: The First Revolution
–The Zionist Movement
–Marxism and the Bund
–Jabotinsky s Writings

3. Jabotinsky in Constantinople
–The Importance of Turkey
–Herzl's Tactics in the Ottoman Empire
–Zionist Policy with the New Regime

4. Collaborating with Tsarism and British Imperialism
–The First World War and the Jewish Legion
–World Jewish Reaction to the War
–The Balfour Declaration

5. The Founder of the Haganah
–Zionism After the First World War
–Palestine After the War
–The Haganah
–Jabotinsky s Trial and Sentence

6. Pact with the Devil – Simon Petliura
–Resignation from the World Zionist Organization
–Jabotinsky s Explanation

7. Founding Principles of Zionist Revisionism
–After the Resignation: Revisionism
–Jabotinsky s Literary Output

8. The Years of Fascism and Terror
–Palestine in the 1920s
–The 1930s
–The Revisionists in the WZO: a Fascist Tendency?
–The Final Split with the WZO

–The Great Palestinian Revolt
–Diaspora Revisionism
–Jabotinsky: The Last Year
–A Final Evaluation

9. Menachem Begin: The Early Years
–The Eve of World War II

10. Begin During the Holocaust
–Exodus from Poland
–Arrest of Begin
–The Polish Exile Army
–Departure of the Army-in-Exile

11. The Revolt
–The Split in the Irgun
–The Irgun Revolt

12. The Revolt: Part 2
–The Resistance Movement
–The Displaced Persons and US Support for Zionism
–Impact of the Irgun Revolt
–The UN Vote
–"Smite Them Hip and Thigh": Dir Yassin
–Proclamation of the State of Israel
–The Freedom Party – Tnuat HaHerut

–13. The 29 Years in the Desert
–Herut: Early Election Performance
–The 1950s
–The 1960s
–The 1970s
–General Sharon and the Likud
–The Likud Election Victory

14. The Road to Sabra and Shatila
–Sadat and the Camp David Agreement
–The Israeli Economy under Begin
–Intra-Jewish Antagonisms
–Religious Bigotry Under Begin
–Ploughshares Into Swords: Israeli Arms Export
–US Support for Israel
–The Chosen People Choose Again: The 1981 Election
–The Increase in Racism
–The Holocaust in Beirut
–The Massacre and the Commission of Enquiry

15. Yitzhak Shamir Takes Over
–Begin Resigns
–Shamir s Background
–The Maddest of the Mad
–Stern is Killed
–The Further Path of Terror
–The Stern Gang s New Respectability
–The Assassination of Count Folke Bernadotte
–From Underground Terrorist to State Terrorist
–The Massacre
–Shamir Comes to Power: The Silence is Deafening
–The Economic Crisis
–America Comes to the Rescue
–The Future

Appendix 1
–Vladimir Jabotinsky: The Iron Wall (1923)

Appendix 2
–Stern Gang: Grundzüge des Vorschlages der Irgun Zewai Leumi betreffend der Lösung der jüdischen
Frage Europas und der aktiven Teilnahme der N.M.O. am Kriege an der Seite Deutschlands (1941)
(The original German version of the infamous proposal for collaboration between the Stern Gang and
the Nazis)
(Fundamental Features of the Proposal of the National Military Organization in Palestine (Irgun Zvai
Leumi) Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question in Europe and the Participation of the NMO
in the War on the Side of Germany)

Appendix 3
–Drew Middleton: South Africa Needs More Arms, Israeli Says (New York Times, 14 December 1981)

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