miércoles, 8 de enero de 2014

Conjuring Hitler

How Britain and America made the Third Reich 

Autor: Preparata, Guido Giacona

A very important book which dares to question one of the sacred cow assumptions of the 20th century: that Hitler's rise to power was unforseeable and unpreventable. From the early chapters, this author builds a credible case that World War I and II both served long-term British foreign policy objectives. From the advent of the Prussian army to the proposed Berlin-Baghdad rail line, the ascendency of Germany (the last European nation to unify into a modern nation-state) was troubling to Anglo imperialists. A powerful land force spreading across Europe and (should they join forces with Russia) Asia would nullify the value of England's unopposable navy. Taken in the context of the Rothschild/Bank of England ambitions to found a one-world government, with themselves at the top, Hitler's rise makes much more sense than was ever presented in highschool social studies textbooks.

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