lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Genocide of the Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia 1944-1948

The expulsion and annihilation of the Donauschwaben is brought to fore in this exposé, a fact being largely ignored when discussing the German expellees in the aftermath of World War II. Especially the younger generations in the English-speaking countries have, in most instances, no inkling regarding the terrible fate their people were subjected to by Tito and his henchmen. The information presented here should help to alleviate this void.

-- Erwin E. Maruna
Chapter 1: History of the Danube Swabians in the USA and Canada
Chapter 2: Ethnic Germans in Yugoslavia
Chapter 3: The Tito Regime - Executor of the Genocide
Chapter 4: The Carnage
Chapter 5: Central Civilian Internment and Labor Camps
Chapter 6: Deportation of Laborers to the Soviet Union
Chapter 7: The Liquidation Camps
Chapter 8: Crimes Committed Against Children
Chapter 9: The Suffering and Dying of German Clergy
Chapter 10: Size of the Ethnic Population of Yugoslavia as of October 1944
Chapter 11: Documentation of Human Casualties
Chapter 12: Danube Swabian Chronology
Chapter 13, Appendix 1: Explanation and Notes
Chapter 13, Appendix 2: United Nations Convention on War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity

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