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Truth and justice vs. lies and hatred

Germany's fate from a German perspective
Autor: Juchem, Wolfgang


The first half of this century was marked by the materialization of diabolical plans to annihilate Germany. The interplay of divergent centrifugal forces made the two stage destruction (1914-1918 & 1939-1945) of Europe's center possible. In doing so the destroyers and land grabbers also succeeded in branding the victims of their aggression as the "guilty ones".

Germany has been the tempting target of rapacious neighbors for centuries who unscrupulously gave freerein to their lust for conquest in Germany. But only at the close of the nineteenth century, and at the beginning of the twentieth, after the technical revolution had created advanced means of communication on a global scale did the deliberate defamation and demonization of the German people begin in earnest, parallel to the planning for the occupation of our country. In this manner the hitherto universal esteem and renown of the German people was stigmatized in order to disqualify us as the nation of "poets and thinkers".

The criminal intentions of these villainous international warmongers were largely covered up by a new compliant media, and these were in fact passed off as a "blessing for humanity". In the light of this, the people of the world were obviously not overly concerned when the British and French committed horrendous crimes in their colonial empires, or, when the Russians and Americans relentlessly expanded their territories at the expense of the native peoples. All of them worked together and openly divulged their intention to destroy the long-established natural order in Europe and to divide the spoils.

However, as soon as we Germans reacted to the imperialist craving for even more German territory by building up an effective defense system, or dared to ask for the return of ancient German lands we had lost through military incursions, we suddenly became "disturbers of the peace", "militarists", or "chauvinists". Not so the plunderers, who, in total disregard of international law and human rights had callously severed German territory from the body of the country and forced millions of our people to become subjects of hostile foreign powers against their will.

The interval between World War One to the present time is a prime example of the Allies' disregard for natural historical borders, as well as one-sidedness and lies with which the vanquished have had to contend.

With the "unconditional surrender" of 1945 the Allies enforced total control over the lives of the German people. The educational system in particular, as well the opinion-forming mass media have been, and are today, in the service of the victors, who, through psychological indoctrination have sought to instill a permanent guilt complex and an eternal readiness for atonement in us. With this trick they sought to impose their new order on Europe for all time. In a manner of speaking, through "self-renouncement" in order to annul our right to selfdetermination.

After the total collapse of the Communist economy and social structure in Eastern Europe, the status quo was again destroyed on the old continent. This made the reunion of at least the greater part of our country possible.

To be sure, the fundamental change in the make-up Europe, once again brought on a veritable orgy of hatred for the Germans in the foreign press, especially in the West. Even during the last minutes before the actual reunion the all-powerful representatives of foreign interests tried to prevent the reunion of our country by spreading the time-tested fairy tales of "the evil Germans".

A new beginning in Europe and permanent peace on our long suffering continent can only be achieved when we Europeans meet on common ground without prejudices and with guaranteed equal rights.

This booklet should not only provide a basis for discussion among our youth, it should also provide the groundwork for analytical debate in foreign countries and should also help to dispel inherited social burdens, clear away ancient prejudices, as well as help explore a balanced view of history as a prerequisite for a just future.

Wolfgang Juchem


1. The roots of European fraternal hatred 
2. Falsified history as the basis for the continuation of the war by other means
3. Versailles: Cradle of the European catastrophe
4. German resurgence after 1933 and its consequences.
5. Brief remarks about wartime events 
6. Questions regarding the "Holocaust"


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